"... One will never look at a colored diamond -- much less a flower or sunset -- without thinking of this impassioned work that excites the mind and the eye"
Ms. Lynn Ramsey,  President/CEO, Jewelry Information Center, New York, NY.

"May I congratulate you on the production of this very important work.  You must be very proud of the end result after so many years of hard work."  
Mr. Nicholas Oppenheimer, Chairman, De Beers, London, UK.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed your tome.  I feel it is a milestone, it is comparable to the Guttenberg Bible and I doubt it will ever be superseded.  It stands as a work for all time."
Mr. Ronald Winston, President, Harry Winston, New York, NY.

"The book is an extensive and carefully thought out work which is immediately a necessary reference tool for anyone who is professionally involved with colored diamonds."
Mr. John Block, Vice Chairman, Sotheby's, New York, NY.

"Collecting and Classifying Coloured Diamonds is extremely impressive, offering an exhaustive study with the most recent findings, and will undoubtedly prove useful to us when examining and describing coloured diamonds"  
Mr. Francois Curiel, International Jewellery Director, Christie's, Geneva, Switzerland

"I am awe-struck with the amount of work and scholarship that has gone into this massive volume.  It will surely become the definitive text on coloured diamonds and the science of coloured diamonds; moreover it is a work of art in its own right"
Dr. Alan Collins, Professor of Physics, King's College, London, UK.

"This book is without question the bench mark for the extraordinary world of colored diamonds, and any other publication past, present or future will be measured against this.  There is no question that it will be an invaluable part of our library not only for day to day reference but when we need to look at the bigger picture"
Mr. Simon Teakle, Senior Vice President, Christie's, New York, NY.

"It is the best authoritative work I have ever seen on the subject of colored diamonds."
Mr. James Jolliff, Editor, National Assoc. of Jewelry Appraisers, Annapolis, MD.

"What a truly fascinating and informative book.  It will be a most welcome addition to my library."
Mr. Frank Bennack, Jr., President/CEO, Hearst Corporation, New York, NY.

"To call Hofer's book comprehensive is, in fact, something of an understatement.  It ranks not only as a definitive treatment of colored diamonds, it also contains one of the most interesting and relevant essays on the subject of color science, as it relates to gemstones, yet published.  Hofer also offers a logical new approach to colored diamond grading, a color classification system which includes a new short-hand system of notification, and an excellent essay on gemstone lighting. If this book had covered any one of these subjects, it would stand alone as an important work.  Considering that it covers all of the above - better than almost anyone has done before - it is a breathtaking tour de force."
Mr. Richard Wise, Author, Secrets of the Gem Trade, Lenox, MA.

"... As a diamond merchant, I have for some years now been learning, practicing and applying Stephen Hofer’s method of understanding and communicating color perceived in a diamond… Hofer's book represents a fundamental contribution to the discussion of colour grading diamonds in our trade.  This is a work that needs to be read, reread, understood, discussed, debated, dissected, and expanded.  In time, it is my opinion that Collecting and Classifying Coloured Diamonds will be seen as a landmark book.  A portion of a quote from James Southall (p.126) tells it all:  (“... each of us has to learn to use his eyes to see just as he has to learn to use his legs to walk…”).  Any reader can learn to apply Stephen's methodology, leading to a more advanced level of perception and a more objective and effective way of communicating color.  The book does not assume any prior knowledge of diamonds by the reader. So regardless of background, we are all on equal footing.  For this reason it seems appropriate for those of us in the trade to put aside our preconceptions about colour grading and carefully listen to Stephen Hofer’s words."
Mr. Gavreal Feder, Letter to the Editor, Rapaport Diamond Report

"…This is undoubtedly the grandest, most lavish and most comprehensive work on colored diamonds ever produced... Hofer's book is many things: a technical tour de force of colored diamond analysis as well as a poetic discourse on their beauty and rarity, a celebration of nature, a compendium of color terms, a complete description of a unique collection, a market guide, a basic classification scheme, and a lesson on color perception.  
Overall, this complete course on the occurrence, grading, and description of colored diamonds is technically competent and masterfully illustrated.  ... Hofer suggests that a truly accurate method for describing a colored diamond should be based on a detailed analysis of specific areas of the face-up mosaic, and a breakdown of the tones and saturations that are physically present, which might be presented differently had the cutting style been different…  Hofer has given us the first cohesive methodology for evaluating colored diamonds, based on color science, color-order systems and psychological factors…
This book is more than just a treatise on gemstones, it is the labor of love that results from a lifetime of work in a single field… This is an expensive book in dollars, but a bargain in terms of value-per-page.  There is no other text in print that provides the reader with the kind of detailed, insightful and authoritative information to be found in this book… Hofer's methodology -- unavailable anywhere else -- is worth whatever it might cost.  ... The collector of fancy [colour] diamonds MUST have the book.  No gemstone library can be considered complete without it.  
I have a single admonition to any prospective purchaser: READ this book -- do not skim it.  Take it a chapter at a time and try to see the plan!  Skim the glossary and get an appreciation of the sheer diversity of diamond colors.  And finally, just enjoy the beauty of these amazing gemstones as presented by those who appreciate them as works of art.”  

Dr. Joel E. Arem, Book Review, Rocks & Minerals Magazine, Curator Gems & Minerals, Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C.

"... In his ... Collecting and Classifying Coloured Diamonds, gemologist Stephen Hofer ... gives jewelers a way to sell colored diamonds that does not straight jacket them with vague, often meaningless descriptions based merely on main and modifying colors.  In short, it outlines a system that, if widely embraced, will change the way the trade and public alike thinks and talk about coloured diamonds.  ... As a result, Hofer's book is a colored diamond sales training manual that makes for the most profitable reading on the fascinating subject that you're ever likely to find."
Mr. David Federman, Editor, Modern Jeweler Magazine, Melville, NY

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